Business Overview
Wealth Management
Lufax Holding Ltd's wealth management platforms include Lufax (, Lu International (Singapore) and Lu International (Hong Kong), which provide targeted and intelligent wealth management services to the middle class and affluent investors both domestically and abroad. Investors can invest in products and portfolios on the platforms according to their own wealth management needs and risk appetites.
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Retail Credit Facilitation
Ping An Puhui, a subsidiary of Lufax Holding Ltd, has been operating steadily for many years. According to Oliver Wyman’s industry report, as of June 30, 2020, Ping An Puhui was the second largest non-traditional retail credit facilitation services platform in China in terms of outstanding loan balance. The platform promotes a customer-centered business philosophy, and provides small business owners with lending solutions with wide range of volumes and tenors through its rich product lines, integrated online and offline service channels, intelligent risk control system, advanced credit technology, convenient and efficient O2O process experience.
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Technology Empowerment
Leveraging its leading R&D layout and years of operation experience, Lufax Holding Ltd flexibly utilizes big data, AI, cloud computing, blockchain and other financial technologies to provide customized and modular technology enabling solutions for financial institutions.
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Our Products
Wealth Management
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Retail Credit Facilitation
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Technology Empowerment
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Our Services
Targeted and Intelligent Wealth Management Services
Products and Channels
User Experience and Services
Suitability Management and Risk Control Capacity
Approximately 8,600 products from over 400 providers
Data-driven highly personalized portfolio services
Deep insights into product risks and profiles through comprehensive KYP
Unique O2O customer acquisition channels
Easy-to-understand investment experience
Comprehensive and transparent disclosure
Integrated seamless customer journey
Differentiated high-end customer service
Sales empowered by AI-driven suitability management
Fully transparent product and risk disclosure
Data-driven compliance and whole process on chain
Convenient and Accessible Retail Credit Facilitation Services
We have a number of technology solutions that are first in the industry, providing customers with credit facilitation services through the entire online business process to meet the credit needs of small business owners
Technology Empowerment Accelerator for the Financial Industry
AI authentication
Intelligent, safe, fast, processing time reduced, customer service manpower saved
Automated operation systems and tools
Covering customer acquisition, marketing, and whole-process intelligent service before, during and after investment
Database localization
Allowing core data to flow freely in various different databases to remove the technology constraint of specific commercial databases
Ample online operating experience
Years of operating experience, 3 major domestic and overseas platforms, and deep understanding of finance and technology
Our Technologies
Artificial Intelligence
Natural language processing 丨 Custom-built intelligent customer service bots and systems 丨 Regulatory technology for regulatory compliance
Data Science
Over 15 years of through-cycle credit data | Access to Ping An ecosystem analytics and insights and enterprise data
Blockchain Utilization
Blockchain technology to accomplish suitability management and transparent disclosure | Record all platform interactions with users on the blockchain to ensure full traceability
Technology Empowerment
Technology Empowerment
Products and Solutions
Customer Testimonials
Individual Customer
Ms. Mei
32 years old, lawyer
I have a stable job and over the years I have managed to save a lot of money with my bank. I used to always think that investing my money would be a hassle, but I completely changed my mind when I found With, I can log into my account at any time on my mobile phone and it gives me suggestions on how to optimize my investment portfolio. Now I do not hesitate about moving my savings to Wealth management has never been easier.
Mr. Gao
33 years old, owner of a fashion store
I own a small fashion business and need to stock up every season. In the past, it would usually take weeks for me to get loans. But now I can use the Ping An Puhui App on my mobile phone to apply for a loan without even going out from my store. The App offers me a customized solution, it accepts my application and credits the loan to me in just a few hours. My business is doing good thanks to the App.
Institutional Customer
Kattiya Indaravijaya
The world is about to enter another wave of digital disruption as big players like commercial banks morph into FinTech organizations. It is imperative that we quickly adjust ourselves and strengthen our capabilities to seek new business opportunities. With the necessary technical support coupled with FinTech innovation, KASIKORNBANK has successfully achieved digital transformation through the partnership with Lu International, as well as the help of an open banking services model. We are ready to create a digital service platform to allow Thai individuals and businesses to go beyond borders to capitalize on massive opportunities in the ‘Era of Asia’.